eBook: Growth Insights from PE-Backed Executives

The latest edition of LLR’s Growth Guide compiles more of the best GrowthBits by our portfolio company leaders, Value Creation Team and network. As you start to think about growth again and strategize how to emerge as an even stronger company, you can find practical peer insights on Sales, Marketing, Talent, Technology and M&A in one downloadable eBook. Topics include:

  • How to Create a Connected Culture for Companies with Dispersed Teams
  • Why Training and Onboarding Sales Development Reps is Critical – and How to Do It Right
  • How Marketing Can Help Sales Close More Deals
  • 4 Questions to Ask Before Migrating Your App or Service to the Cloud
  • How to Turn Strategy into Action
  • The Secrets to Effective M&A Diligence and Negotiations
  • Why You Should Start Exit Planning Now and Focus on these 5 Things

GrowthBits are written to codify practical knowledge about growing and scaling businesses that can be easily digested on any device in less than 10 minutes. We look forward to sharing more helpful insight throughout 2020.

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