eBook: Managing Growth Under Pressure

The 2021 LLR Growth Guide shares how our portfolio company leaders and advisors addressed some of the challenges brought on by a global pandemic, economic downturn and shift to remote work in 2020.

Many challenges remain, but no one has to tackle them alone. Read lessons learned from CEOs, CFOs, heads of HR, Sales and more, including:

  • How to do right by your customers and prevent churn
  • Creative ways to engage remote employees and motivate sales teams
  • Rules of engagement for virtual hiring and onboarding
  • Forecast and compensation changes in an unpredictable market
  • How to sell to struggling SMBs and explore new channel partners
  • Advice for board, lender and other stakeholder communications
  • How to pull off a major technology implementation while remote

No matter when we return to our offices, LLR’s “door” remains open to help companies like yours navigate this environment and refocus on accelerating growth.

In the meantime, we’ll continue to codify practical knowledge about growing and scaling businesses through GrowthBits. Visit our complete GrowthBits library for more insights throughout 2021.

2021 LLR Growth Guide eBook

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