eBook: Redefining Growth.

The 2022 LLR Growth Guide marks our fifth edition of this invaluable collection of peer insights on growing and scaling a business. This year, it illustrates the creativity applied by our portfolio company leaders and LLR Value Creation Team to rethink strategy and help improve each company’s unique foundation for growth.

We hope their advice and lessons learned help you redefine your pathway to growth, too. Highlights of what you’ll find in this eBook:

  • Advice for aligning with an investor around your vision for growth
  • Founder perspectives on overcoming fear of culture change
  • Tips for adjusting your hiring approach during a talent crunch
  • Best practices for building an effective sales plan from the bottom up
  • Examples of what good sales development and channel programs look like
  • Creative ways to boost ARR with a stronger customer success function
  • A framework for building a strong product roadmap and pricing strategy

LLR feels incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to dedicate our energy and passion to helping grow companies every day, as well as to share some of those experiences with you. We welcome feedback and new ideas for GrowthBits any time. What do you want to read about this year?

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2022 LLR Growth Guide eBook

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