Creating Value Together.

LLR believes that companies choose growth partners not only for the value of their capital, but for the value that they can create together.

The 6th annual LLR Growth Guide continues our tradition of codifying the mindset and strategies deployed in partnership with our portfolio companies to help manage their growth. It includes each GrowthBit from the previous year along with the insights shared at our live LLR Collaborate forums among CEOs, CFOs and other operational leaders.

Highlights of what you’ll find in the 2023 eBook:

  • 10 clear best practices for strategic planning
  • Quick and powerful insights on growth hacking through a tough market
  • CEO advice on building M&A into your strategic plan
  • What it’s really like to get acquired by a PE-backed platform
  • A playbook for employee retention in the first 90 days post-acquisition
  • Four steps to capture more value from your next product launch
  • How our companies optimize customer acquisition and post-sale value

LLR is grateful for the opportunity to dedicate our energy and passion to helping grow companies every day, as well as to share some of those experiences with you. We welcome feedback and new ideas for GrowthBits any time. What do you want to read about this year?

2023 LLR Growth Guide eBook

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